Solution Architecture

The design of a solution is not an easy task, especially when there can be various business requirements and technical boundaries to overcome. It’s also not always feasible to have an in-house IT architect as projects in smaller companies can tend to be infrequent.

This is why engaging with Red 7 Solutions (Midlands) Ltd to architect and design your cloud or on-premise solution can be a good fit.


Our architecture will enable your cloud journey or on-premise project is future-proof and ready for you company to grow.


Punctual, professional, and very competent. Our team are dedicated to delivering the best solutions and high standards.


You can be confident that solutions designed by us adhere to Microsoft architecture and standards.

How we work

After engaging with Red 7 Solutions (Midlands) Ltd, there will be a number of on-site meetings where we will agree the project plan, deliverables and timeline to complete the design. That will then be submitted to the client for final approval, once agreed, work will then commence.

This will involve full architecture High Level Design and Low Level Design, followed by either a handover to in-house IT to deploy or a further phase of Red 7 Solutions (Midlands) Ltd deployment with full documentation and signoff.