Outlook Drag and Drop Items From Mailbox To Group Mailbox

You have just created a new Office 365 \ Team Group and want to start adding content to the mailbox Рfirst read our post about enabling it to show in Outlook Here

But you notice that in your Outlook desktop client you cannot drag the mails to the Group Mailbox

When you drag an email message from your personal mailbox to the group mailbox, any group member will be able to read it and participate in the conversation. The group will be added to the To line automatically so group members can continue to read and respond to subsequent replies.

The only supported way, at the minute, is to use the Outlook Web client;

  1. Open Outlook on the web.
  2. Select an email message or conversation that you want to move to your group mailbox.
  3. Drag the message to the desired group. (You can only drag and drop one conversation or 100 individual messages at a time.)

If the original sender or recipients on the mail aren’t group members, they will not be added to the group through the drag-and-drop process. They won’t be notified that the message has been moved to the group either


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